"VDS International Hour is a wonderful project and the only one in Venice which gives space to students coming from around the world to express their voice and their opinions. [...] The VDS International Hour is a project in the early stages of development and through thoughtful attention to the areas where improvement can be made, it can become a more robust and successful journal in accomplishing its goal of providing that space for students." ― Giada Cristal Santana Eusebio, VDS International Hour Coordinator

We are pleased to introduce the VDS International Hour, our blog that lets the youth speak up and raise awareness about international affairs and global history.

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Ambitions in Myanmar

The Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Alexander Fomin's participation in the 76th Armed Forces Day, held in Naypyitaw, Myanmar, on Saturday, March 27th, did not go unnoticed, opening a heated discussion within the international arena.


The Libertarian Party

The US is known as a strictly bipolar party system, with the Republican and Democratic Parties splitting every office in the country. But at the margins of the debate, there is a third party with wildly different principles: the Libertarian Party.


European ethics body

It often happens that EU politicians and officers pass from EU institutions to the private sector, and vice versa. In Brussels, the phenomenon is known as revolving doors, and it is one of the leading causes for concern for EU institutions.



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