Ca'Foscari University of Venice

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice was born as the first business school in Italy and the second in Europe. Today it provides several courses in various departments, such as Languages, Management, Environmental studies, Philosophy, Science, Humanities, International Relations and more. Just like the city that hosts it, it is a crossroad of cultures, fields of research, ideas and creativity; a modern university that keeps abreast of things by realizing, within its eight departments, advanced research projects and innovative study programs that guarantee an excellent educational experience. Through its five interdepartmental schools, Ca’ Foscari works with cross- cutting and integrated educational approaches. Whoever studies in Venice can this way acquire a wider range of and more articulate skills: economy interfaces with cultural heritage, languages intersect with economics, restoration meets science just to cite a few examples.

Venice International University

Venice International University (VIU) is something unique in the international academic environment: a group of 17 Universities from all over the world sharing a common Campus on the beautiful Island of San Servolo, in the Venice lagoon. These Universities collegially devise study programs to prepare their students to face today’s global challenges: Sustainable Development, Ageing and Welfare, Global Ethics, and Cultural Heritage are central topics of VIU programs. Students who choose to spend a term studying at VIU are taught to move across disciplines and through cultures with a flexible approach, an open mind and creative thinking. VIU offers its support for research programs involving the various Universities that form its network, and develops specific programs for advanced training.

Europe Direct | Comune di Venezia

Europe Direct is a European Commission information network designed to inform citizens about the activities and opportunities offered by the European Union. Europe Direct aims to reinforce citizens' sense of attachment to the European Union by involving them in the process of building Europe. The region of Veneto has a Europe Direct information relay, set up by the City of Venice - as leading figure - and 18 institutional partners: the Veneto Region, the Prefettura di Venezia, the Provinces of Venice, Belluno, Padua, Rovigo and Treviso, the Venice Chamber of Commerce, the Eurosportello of Unioncamere Veneto, the Cities of Bassano del Grappa, Chioggia, Jesolo, Padova, Thiene and Valdagno, Università Iuav di Venezia (Architecture and Design), ESU of Venezia (Students' Erasmus Union) and USR (the Veneto Regional Schools). 32 centers in the region support citizens in accessing information relative to the areas of activity of the European Union. Since 2008 the information relay has also hosted Eurodesk, providing young people and youth workers with information on the sector-opportunities offered by the European Union and the European Council.

The Global Campus of Human Rights - European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC)

The Centre was founded in 2002 – thanks to EU funding – with the aim to develop educational activities, research, and interdisciplinary training on the issues of human rights protection. The EIUC has its roots in Europe but a global vision. It is now the hub for a network of over 100 universities (Global Campus of Mater’s Programmes and Diplomas in Human Rights and Democratisation) representing the EU member states and university networks in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caucasus Region and South East Europe: institutions nd partners that make the EIUC/GC a unique institution. The Institution aims to contribute broadly to the dissemination of a shared global knowledge of human rights and democracy. It is located at the Monastery of San Nicolò on the Venice Lido, sharing with the town its ambition to become a European Capital of Human Rights.

San Servolo Servizi Metropolitani di Venezia

Metropolitan City of Venice owns the Island of San Servolo in Venice and Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari in Mira (VE), as well as the real estate and cultural assets present there of historic, artistic and landscape interest. In order to protect these assets and allow physical and economic access to them through continued use, the Metropolitan City of Venice has created Società San Servolo – Servizi Metropolitani di Venezia srl which is 100% owned by the Metropolitan City of Venice. The company performs services of general interest promoting the development and social cohesiveness of the metropolitan area through tasks assigned by the Metropolitan City of Venice which has control over the company.

BETA Italia

BETA Italia - Bringing Europeans Together Association was created by young Italians with a specific purpose: to contribute to the achievement of a European citizenship. Young people represents the core value that will permit the success of the integration project of the European Union. Nowadays Europe is undergoing a Post-Truth period, so the diffusion of a correct and truthful information on the issue of EU functioning and on the rights and the duties its citizens can enjoy has to be considered a fundamental goal. For these reasons, starting from 2016 BETA-Italia saw the light as a part of a widest network created by BETA Europe and it is starting to collaborate with other associations which shares the same core values.