Debate Society

Launched in Feb 2018, the #DebateSociety recalls the Oxford style debate: 2 or 4 debaters discuss a motion defending their own position - in favor or against - chaired by 1 moderatorVoting procedure is held before and after the debate to assess whether debaters boosted the house to change their mind or not.

"Should Venice Have an Entrance Fee?"

Relating the motion to the unfortunate high tide which hit Venice some days before, we've tackled the problematic issue of sustainable tourism. 

"JEFTA: Does This Agreement Improve Environment and Workers' Conditions?"

After attending the conference "EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement" at the Campus of Treviso of the Ca'Foscari University of Venice, we held a debate discussing the free trade agreement between the EU and Japan.

"Small Talks about EU elections"

Split in some of the factions part of the European Parliament, we've provided with an informed overview about the upcoming EU elections of May 26th, 2019.


One of the major activities of VDS, VDS@School encompasses every single activity VDS partners with educational institutions (middle school, high school, college) - GAF (Giornate di Auto-Formazione) Liceo Levi - Montebelluna, MUN@School - PCTO (Percorsi per le competenze trasversali e per l’orientamento), Career Days, Open Days, Welcoming Days, Kids University, Active Learning Lab