Find out who we are

The Venice Diplomatic Society was founded in June 2015, when a group of Ca' Foscari students decided to team up and invest in young people's expertise within the field of diplomacy and international relations. The association has been evolving over time, growing in the number of members and exporting few projects outside Venice. 

Nowadays, the "VDS" is a Non-Profit organization based in Venice, Italy, EU. Its main aim is providing students, professors, graduates and citizens with the chance of acknowledging the complex functioning of international organizations; introducing their inner workings; training to speak a foreign language in front of an international audience; debating about the most pressing topics of Planet’s agenda – geopolitical crises, environmental issues, the allocation of foreign investments and violations of international law. 

Among their activities, we can find: organizing and designing Model United NationsModel European UnionDebate Society meetings and even contributing to the formation of Ca'Foscari of Venice delegations in international simulations - International Career Festival (Rome), Harvard National Model United Nations (Boston) and more. Besides, the VDS in 2017 began ‘MUN@School’, activity within the project Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e per l’Orientamento (PCTO) in collaboration with the Counseling and Welcome Office of the Ca’Foscari University of Venice.

Chi siamo

La Venice Diplomatic Society è stata fondata nel giugno 2015 grazie alla volontà di alcuni studenti dell'Università Ca 'Foscari Venezia di mettersi in contatto e investire nella preparazione dei giovani nel campo della diplomazia e delle relazioni internazionali. L'associazione si è poi evoluta nel tempo, crescendo nel numero di membri, espandendo e organizzando una serie di eventi progettati con diversi partner come Model United Nations, Model European Union, incontri Debate Society e contribuendo alla formazione di delegazioni di cafoscarine partecipanti in diversi progetti di simulazioni internazionali - Festival delle Carriere Internazionali (Roma), Harvard National Model United Nations (Boston) e oltre.

Ad oggi, lo scopo principale di questa associazione è quello di fornire agli studenti, ai laureati e alla cittadinanza nel suo complesso la possibilità di imparare il funzionamento delle più grandi organizzazioni internazionali, illustrandone le dinamiche interne, preparandoli a esprimersi in lingua straniera di fronte un pubblico internazionale, dibattendo sui temi più impellenti a livello mondiale – dalle attuali crisi geopolitiche, alle questioni ambientali, ma anche l’allocazione degli investimenti esteri e le violazioni del diritto internazionale. Avvicina anche gli studenti ai sopra citati Model United Nations (i cosiddetti MUN) e Model European Union (i cosiddetti MEU). Inoltre, dal 2017 ha avviato una collaborazione con il Settore Orientamento e Accoglienza dell’Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia in merito all’attività di Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e per l’Orientamento (PCTO) ‘MUN@School’.

Our Board 

Academic year 2019/2020

Miriam, President

"#VDS is the organization that shaped my life for the better and I want to keep offering that to our members".

Anush, Vice-President

"I believe that a constant exchange of ideas, experiences and even tips and tricks between students can be a real game changer in one's university, and who knows, even life experience".

Filippo, Secretary

"#VDS flexibility let you work on diverse projects you love for the time that fits your business; a chance to gain experience and spend quality time with people who can teach a lot and entertain; it’s engaging, and it’s enriching. So hard to believe that’s really worth it?"

Antonio, Treasurer

"What this Association has given me, probably I will never repay it in full. However, now I know that, at the highest point of my university life, it might be my last chance to do my part".

Giulia, Counselor

"I believe university to be more than lessons and exams: it could be an environment of personal growth. For this reason I chose to become a #VDSer after VeUMEU 2018 ".

Sara, Counselor

"#VDS is not only a chance to grow professionally, as it allows you to practice what you have learnt in theory, but also personally - connecting with diverse contexts, people and engaging in several activities will help you grow in so many, unexpected and peculiar ways".

Ludovica, Counselor

"I was very impressed with these compelling activities that catered to my love of international relations and managed to actively involve students from different backgrounds".