"VDS Gazette is a wonderful project and the only one in Venice which gives space to students coming from around the world to express their voice and their opinions. [...] The VDS Gazette is a project in the early stages of development and through thoughtful attention to the areas where improvement can be made, it can become a more robust and successful journal in accomplishing its goal of providing that space for students." ― Giada Cristal Santana Eusebio, VDS Gazette Coordinator

We are pleased to introduce the VDS Gazette, the monthly VDS edition that lets the youth speak up and raise awareness about international affairs and global history.

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VDS Gazette - May Edition

When the last edition of the VDS Gazette got out, we were still uncertain about the next step we would take. Contrarily, at the end of May we can finally see a glimpse of hope: and if we think about what our future will bring?


American Shutdown Story

One of our newest members, Alberto Pozzebon, makes now his debut on the VDS’blog by giving us a precise account of the circumstances in nowadays American political environment that led to the paralysis of the public sector.



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