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New attacks on Ukraine. Slovakia asserted: We will block the admission of Kiev to NATO to avoid a war conflict

The Slovakian Prime Minister, Robert Fico, has announced that his country will block Ukraine’s entry to NATO to avoid a war conflict. “We will stop and veto the accession of Ukraine to NATO, because this would put the basis for World War III”, the head of the Slovakian Parliament has declared to Rtvs, a public information network. Furthermore, he asserted to oppose to the sending of weapons to Ukraine with the aim to reply to the Russian aggression. However, President Fico will meet his Ukrainian counterpart, Denys Schmyha in Uzhgorod, a Ukrainian city at the border with Slovakia, on Wednesday to present his new plan of humanitarian aid to the civil population.

There are 375000 Russian people who died lately in this conflict and yet the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin wants back all the ex-Soviet countries. “More weapons are needed”, he added. Apparently, it is a Russian war against Russians.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky has invited the former US’ President Donald Trump to hold a dialogue about the current situation. He asserted: “I will host Donald Tramp in Kiev but with one condition, that is, he must show his capacity to stop the war within 24 hours, although he cannot end it without giving away the Ukrainian territory to Russia”.

In response to this, Trump’s voters are ceasing the funds to Kiev at the US Congress, nevertheless the ex-President said that, if he wins the elections, he will put an end to the war by making quick agreements with President Putin. Volodimir Zelensky proved himself skeptical of this statement by asking how Donald Trump will safeguard Ukraine’s interest with such agreements.

Zelensky’s assumptions make the audience think that such negotiations between the USA and Russia will lead nowhere, since Vladimir Putin has the aim to conquer the whole Ukrainian territory and all the other ex-Soviet countries without mercy. “This is simply foolish – argued President Zelensky – Nobody starts a great war after having ruined his own reputation!”.

The European Union has made an important declaration too, it stated that, from now till the end of the year, 1,3 million bullets will be produced. Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner, has confirmed it. During his visit to Tallinn, capital of Estonia, he has promised that he will make sure that all the bullets that will be produced will be sent to Ukraine, since it is the current priority of Europe. He announced as follows: “We are in a crucial moment for our collective security in Europe and, in the war of aggression conducted by Russia in Ukraine, Europe must and will continue to sustain Ukraine with all its means in its power”.

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